Suggestion: PineAIO - 32" screens with upgradable Pine boards inside -
I recently bought All In Ones for my sister - with MS WOS - because "it was easier and fancier" 

But for laptops Chromebooks are her "easier" option - because it was a Christmas gift to their children - in their home.

28" was the bigger screen I found.

And as 32" are more productive than 28" and 60Hz IPS panels are relatively cheap (VA even more) ...

... I think that offering 32" All In One (with and without TV) ARM computers, with GNU/Linux preinstalled can be a great typewriting machine that also provides what every SOHO (Small Office and Home) would need, and even act as a TV. 

And that having that 32" format, will boost Pine boards sells.

Last but not least, adding KDE TV versions to  32" TVs, can open a market for high diagonal TVs powered by pine boards and Linux, better if, with time, you can easily replace the board with new ones as times goes by and, in this case some new codecs as AV1 now are added to the hardware, also WiFi 6e, BT 5 etc.

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