quick camera question
Thanks for reading my post

flashed the Arch image from 24.01.2021 - is the main camera supposed to work?
Images from the back camera produces a black image with two vertical stripes.

The same behaviour on Mobian (as of 15.12.2020)

Fingers crossed for a software problem.
additional information:

Mobian (of 15.12.2020) produces images. A large 10-15MB .dng file, and a viewable image.
Arch (of 24.01.2021), I start Megapixels - there is a clicking sound, several seconds go, and there is a viewable .jpg in the "Pictures" folder.

The image can be viewed with Firefox.

Slow yes, working... also yes.
If you don't know, the reason why megapixels starts slow is because of autofocus initializing.
Find me in the forest, when I'm at my lowest. I don't really think you should continue..

There is quite rapid development going on and things will change from week to week. Both Arch and Mobian should update OK from the releases you mention, and certainly for megapixels you should keep them up to date.

As I type Arch is at v0.14 of megapixels, Mobian is 0.13. Main difference is probably 0.14 has a little rotating icon while the postprocessing of your picture is in progress. How much postprocessing goes on depends what you have installed and again Arch and Mobian have slightly different defaults - I can't remember which is which but IMHO it is worth having dcraw, imagemagick and exiftool installed. See /usr/share/megapixels/postprocess.sh for how they are used.
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