Random crash + network loss

The following situation is occurring on SF

First of all after some minutes of inactivity, the wifi network is lost and can only be enabled again by turning wifi off and on.

I get quite often a crash of the OS when I put the phone away for a couple of minutes.
=> When trying to unlock the phone, the phone doesn't react anymore (sometimes the led is blue/green but not red).
It can only be solved by a hard power off and then a normal boot.

Anyone knows what the issue might be or how to solve it?


Not sure why you're getting a crash. Did you get the latest update with pkcon or zypper?

As for the WiFi shutting off, you can disable late suspend which will leave the radio on at the expense of battery life.
mcetool -searly

Ref: https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Sailfish_OS_...ce_Suspend

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