nRF works but not GadgetBridge
According to the paper that came with my second PineTime, for it to work as a smartwatch you must use GadgetBridge. I'm able to upgrade Infinitime because nRF can discover the watch easily but GadgetBridge has failed me countless times. I thought it was because I downloaded it from Google Play but the one I downloaded and installed from F-Droid doesn't work either. 

Am I correct that nRF and GadgetBridge are two different types of tools but with some common features? What I'm asking is can you use one or the other? Should I be able to use the PineTime as a smart watch if it is paired with nRF? Should I be able to use the music player, etc?

The watch has Infinitime 0.9.0 and is paired with a Galaxy s8 running Android v9.
Hi, and thanks for using your PineTime and InfiniTime Smile

InfiniTime can connect to both NRFConnect and Gadgetbridge. They provide common functionalities, and Gadgetbridge provides a few more:

NRFConnect only provides the OTA and time synchronization.
Gadgetbridge provides the OTA, time synchronization, music control and notifications.

In fact, NRFConnect is a proprietary app from NRF that provides generic tool for BLE devices. Gadgetbridge, and also Amazfish, are open source applications that actively work with the PineTime community to add more functionalities to the pinetime and these applications.

Note that they are mutually exclusive : you cannot use both of them at the same time. Before using Gadgetbridge, ensure that NRFConnect is is connected to your PineTime and that it's not running. I've also noticed the CTS service (used for time synchronization) of NRFConnect would conflict with Gadgetbridge, even if NRFConnect is not running. You might want to disable it if you still have connectivity issue.

I would also recommend you install Gadgetbridge from F-Droid, you'll get the most up to date version (and support for PineTime is very recent!)
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I want only append to informations from JF002, that you definitely *must* install GadgetBridge from F-Droid, because the version on standard Google Play store is really old and doesn't support PineTime even doesn't detect PineTime watch...

It is also helpful to grant GadgetBridge the permission, to work on background (disable battery savings), in order to send message notifications to PineTime and work with music player.

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