NAS Case: Issues with hardware installation, esp. screws
Hi folks,

I just assembled my NAS case for the RP64 which I had lying around for a few months. When doing this, I followed the wiki, yet I encountered a few obstacles:

(1) The wiki shows the RP64 screwed in with black screws. This does not seem right to me. Imho, the black screws with the cone heads go only on the outside of the case. For inside the case, the four silver screws with the flat heads seem right to me.

(2) The edges of the cage for the HDDs are pretty sharp and might damage the SATA/Power cables while routing. I have put some tape  around the sharp parts to make it more safe. Would you consider this a worthwhile recommendation for the wiki?

(3) The larger silver screws included for installation of the hard drives seem too long to me. When I used them, I damaged the threads in one of my disks although I paid attention not to tighten them too hard. Luckily I tried this with two near-worthless and very dated disks (250 GB WD RAID Edition, the "original" and legendary predecessors of the WD Red series...). I then switched the screws for some others I had here that are about half way shorter and seem to fit better.

Has anyone else had similar issues? If I'm not the only one I will consider updating the wiki and adding some notes about these issues.

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