Ethernet through the dock?
(01-23-2021, 09:11 PM)zborgerd Wrote: I've been using Ethernet through the official dock for a few days. No problems at all with a standard "dumb" USB wall wart from older Android phones / tablets as long as it's rated for well over 2A. Problems occur when you connect a "smart" USB-C PC charger. I've read a bit here on the matter and it's apparently a work in progress (megi's site):

The caveat is that there seems to be a .5A current limitation, but at least it works. With my "smart" USB-C PD supplies it doesn't work at all.
In fact Megous has done a lot of awesome work here, and updated the kernel driver in his own kernel tree back in December.
Right now these parts are still missing in the actual Mobian kernel tree (5.10.6).

You may check the new implementation, with the latest Dev-Firmware of Manjaro, as they have included his work,
or better speaking: Manjaro uses Megous kernel tree as the base.

With this kernel my USB-PD Adapter works as it should... switches roles (USB)... with a non PD capable charger the current is set to 0.5A as you already pointed out.

(01-23-2021, 09:11 PM)zborgerd Wrote: It looks like my new PinePhone (KDE Plasma Edition) shipped with ANX7688 firmware 0x2312 if dmesg output is accurate. I have not tried to update it (yet). Unsure what would change if I did.
Yeah seems the anx7688 firmware got flashed already.
If you see "OCM firmware loaded (version 0x2312)" in dmesg, you're on the correct version.

As i said, Megous made an update to the kernel driver that handles with this blob inside ANX7688...
I guess we'll have to wait untill this got integrated to Mobian kernel.

(01-25-2021, 09:28 AM)scholbert Wrote: Yeah seems the anx7688 firmware got flashed already.
If you see "OCM firmware loaded (version 0x2312)" in dmesg, you're on the correct version.

Firmware from the factory appears to be old. I did successfully update to the current firmware he has on his site.

anx7688 1-0028: OCM firmware loaded (version 0x2410)

I did assume that part of the problems were regarding the Mobian kernel based upon many of logged messages. Some of the recent changes in Majaro now seem to surpass Mobian. I might also build my own kernel w/ the patches but it's probably easiest for me just to give Manjaro a test run instead.
I installed the latest Manjaro beta 5. Charging is now 2.0 A through the dock.

Unrelated to the dock, but related to firmware. Factory modem firmware is also out of date on the most recent phones.

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