Why the 12/15/2020 build is no where near a daily driver yet
(12-29-2020, 03:23 AM)LibrePhoneUser Wrote:
(12-28-2020, 04:26 PM)TheLastDon Wrote: It literally takes a minute or more to load a simple web page like www.espn.com. It's ridiculous. 

The Allwinner A64 CPU in the PinePhone is extremely underpowered by today’s standards and the modern web with its heavy load of ads and Javascript challenges it. A mainstream media site like ESPN is about as bloated as you can get today. If you want acceptable performance on Firefox on the Pinephone (any distro, really, not just Mobian), then you really need to install not only uBlock Origin, but also Noscript pre-filled with blocklists you have already created on your computer.

Me, I just avoid browsing any heavy sites on my Pinephone at all, and I simply wait until I can reach my laptop.
@TheLastDon , @LibrePhoneUser , I had just tried www.espn.com, (for a friend, who wanted to watch NFL), and got to see the Buf 38 vs NE 9 , the 1:36 video clip of "Allen throws for four TDs, breaking franchinse record for most TD passes in season". no lag. smooth. probably better than my friend's Samsung Note 8 could because he always has a ton of spammy stuff interfering with the playback....just saying. Smile (yes, i do have the uBlock Origin activated)

(12-28-2020, 03:48 PM)dukla2000 Wrote: ".... The camera is good enough for me to record bits and in fact takes OK pictures if there is sufficient light. ..."
@dukla2000 , by the way, my USB tether finally worked, like a charm, after the Nov 6 update.  It remains a mystery how yours had worked way before , and now maybe it's the same with the camera app.  My Megapixel has been getting worse, not better.  now it is distorted (elongated, sort of cinematic perspective), and has a bluish hue.  Plus, it doesn't seem to save the picture.  How do you get yours to work?

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