Why the 12/15/2020 build is no where near a daily driver yet
i also had the same hope of freedom from Samsung/Apple when i got my pinephone this year. I have not been disappointed since i came upon Mobian though.   While you are posting about 12/15/2020, my uname -a is the Dec 13 version, and updated up untyil yesterday.  i've been using my pinephone as my daily driver for the last 3 months at least.  While, like you said, the battery life vastly improved recently, my firefox ESR had been fast, playing videos, podcasts, what have you. (the initial opening is a few seconds but ON once it's on).  USB tethering, something that i really needed started  working after one of the november updates and has been my internet connectionfor my laptop ever since. The calling and sms have been right on. i don't think it can handle call waiting yet but thatmay have been a fluke.  a lot of he initial difficulies w weren't all due to mobian, but with the cellphone provider's service problem, some proprietary, some growing pain. (t-mobile usa). 
you have provided a snapshot of what happened when you tried the 12 15 20 install, which has its merit, but it does not represent my reality.  i am not but a tourist-level with linux, meaning i can follow instructions, (sometimes to somewhere way beyond my skill set) from the amazing volunteers who choose to offer their knowledge and expertise, so that i can earn the freedom from Samsung/Apple.

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