Which SBC to chose for kernel compiling

I'm building kernels for Manjaro Arm on and for the Pine64+ or the pineH64.  these are fine as long everything goes fine.  One complete kernel build on these devices takes me approx12 hours for compiling.  When the buld fails or it seems the kernel doesn't boot it takes me a long time to trouble shoot.  On my x86_64 pc it's around the same compiling time, so no benefit there and it's a lot more power hungry.

So i was thinking about selling a extra board just for compiling my arm stuff.  So now is my question:

which board should be better for compiling; should I go for the rockpro64 or wait for the Quartz64 or should I go for another SBC?
Honestly the odroid n2+ or khadas vim3 is probably one of the best options if you just want a headless device for compiling. 4 big cores and 2 little and a really high clock speed. The brute-force power of that chip is just hard to beat.
Rock64, H64, PBP Running Armbian

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