Quadrature Encoder Input
A week ago I came across the PINE64 site while looking for some alternative SBCs to replace an RPi3 in a project.  I have no real reason to do so other than I enjoy using new pieces, or old, of hardware in motion control.  Currently I am building a machine to run tensile tests on materials to analyze their properties which uses a RPi3 connected to an Arduino as the main controls.  The machine uses a ball screw driven by a servo motor with a motor encoder.  Currently the Arduino reads the quadrature encoder which is not the most efficient use for an entire micro controller, but quadrature ICs are fairly expensive from what I can find.  I have been looking through some of the Pine SBCs data sheets and schematics but have a yet unanswered question.

To the point: Do any of the pine SBCs have a built in quadrature encoder input?

In my searches I have found that the Beagle Boards do, but after a few hours of looking around here I am very interested in the PINE 64 products.

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