MMS Status Update - Lots of progress!
Hello all,

This week has actually been a pretty exciting week for MMS support on the Pinephone! I wanted to update you all (and hopefully get some more help on this):

- I found a lot of useful information related to the MMS standard, and documented my findings here:

- I was also have to find an (admittedly hacky) Proof of Concept to send MMS:
      - This compliments the proof of concept I found to recieve MMS.

- Mr. Kyle Evans posted on the chatty thread that he has been working on integrating support of mmsd into purple-mm-sms and modem manager:

- He And Mr. Parthiv S showed how to send an MMS via mmsd and Modem Manager !

- Mr. Kyle Evans also indicated that his repository has the modifications needed to integrated purple-mm-sms with mmsd to recieve MMS ( ). The repositories are here:

So what is left?

- If your carrier has a seperate APN for MMS and Mobile Data, Modem Manager needs to integrate support for that: 
- Modem Manager Also lacks support for Transfer Route MT Messages ( ), which some carriers use for SMS WAP Notifications. This means in its current state, you will not be able to recieve MMS on your carrier.
- If your carrier has a combined APN for MMS and Mobile Data and is not affected by the Transfer Route ME Message issue, Modem Manager needs no modifications for you to send/recieve MMS.

- There likely is still integration polishing needed for mmsd, purple-mm-sms, and modem manager.

- Chatty's UI also needs to be updated to support these integrations.

Help and/or testing is welcome on any of these!

It may be good to log which carriers are affected by the two issues with modem manager as well. So far:
- T-Mobile USA has been confirmed to work sending/recieving MMS with Modem Manager in its current state.
- Verizon seems to use Transfer Route MT Messages for SMS WAP notifications, so it will likely not be able to recieve MMS without the Modem Manager issue 257 being solved.

EDIT: I independently confirmed that the forkd mmsd works to send MMS! I tested text, pictures, and group chat.

If there are folks that can/want to help with this, the matrix room to discuss it is here:!
Great research and post, thank you
I posted a picture of the Pinephone sending an MMS here!

Heres also receiving an MMS in Chatty;

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