very weak blutooth
Hi, thank you for your work on pinephone and mobian.

I use bluetooth earbuds (Jabra ELite 75t) that are well supported on desktops/laptops on various distributions and I am happy with them. However, my experience on pinephone with mobian (flashed from 20201120, with regular updates from apt update && apt upgrade) is quite disappointing :

1. The bluetooth connection is very unstable, and seems to be very weak. To give you an idea, if I put my pinephone in my pockets, the sounds keeps cracking with constant interruptions during the playback. When I hold it in my hands, the connection is much better (but it is not very convenient). Could it be related to the hardware itself, or maybe the libraries/firmware/settings ? eg. I was wondering if any low-energy consumption mode would have been set to increase battery life at the cost of a low bluetooth connectivity efficiency. When using my earbuds with a laptop with several debian derivatives, I can clearly ear and in a very stable fashion the sound, even a couple meters far away or through a window.

2. each time my earbuds are connected, the default profile is set to HFP/HSP mode (resulting in bad audio quality + a screaming sound for a couple of seconds after the device get connected). I have to manually switch to A2DP each time I connect and want to listen to music. Is there any way to manually define the default profile as A2DP and set up an automated switching to HFP/HSP when calls are incoming ?

3. I experienced similar issues with another pair of cheap earphones, so it is not hardware (earbuds) specific. Is there any list of supported devices or compatibility chart with external devices on pinephone to give some feedback to the community ?

4. Note that I have no idea whether this is mobian specific, as I did not test with any other distro.

All of this is very frustrating because beside these bluetooth issues I should say pinephone + mobian is almost production ready to me, at least for my daily (personal) use.

Thanks again for your work guys, and for your feedback.
Bluetooth is very much still a work in progress on all distros on the Pinephone... For now. A couple months ago I couldn't connect anything bluetooth to the darn thing, and now my bluetooth gamepad works, and my bt speaker kinda sometimes works a lil.

Software is still evolving rapidly on several fronts, and my hunch is that bluetooth will get drastically better as the year 2021 progresses.

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