Gnome Software crashing
Am I the only one where Gnome Software crashes each time when I want to enter a software CATEGORY? This happens already since weeks.

How to fix this?

That Software application is known to be buggy. (Remember, this is alpha software.) I've experienced that crash and others have reported it as well. Installing programs via the command line using apt or apt-get works fine though.
Sure, that is absolutely fine, I prefer the command line anyway. I am just surprised, because Gnome Software worked really well on Mobian for a while. And it currently works fine on ArchLinux. But for some reason this changed a bit on Mobian.
I've wondered the same thing. Installing from the CLI is not always obvious when you don't know the name of a package though.

I've found that I can make a search with a keyword in GNOME Software, and once I select an app I'm interested in, I can install it without the app crashing.

(12-07-2020, 03:32 PM)Zebulon Walton Wrote: That Software application is known to be buggy. (Remember, this is alpha software.)

I find that odd, because GNOME Software is part of the GNOME stack and has been in Debian for years. Ubuntu has its own tailored version of it, and it has never crashed on my desktop PC. I would think it's rather a Mobian or mobile-specific issue.
Perhaps it has to do with GUI modifications made for the phone. I installed aptitude which makes it pretty easy to find and install packages from a terminal session.

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