External Display Resolution Change
Device: PinePhone
Distro: Manjaro ARM (Phosh Beta 3)

External display works at "4096x2160" @ "23.37hz" on LG 49UJ6200.

Is there any other way to change the resolution then xrandr?

I am looking to TRY lower the resolution to TRY gain a better refresh rate?
Try wlrandr instead
"- is there already a tool for overclocking it desperately?" 
(12-06-2020, 04:56 AM)murak Wrote: Try wlrandr instead
wlrandr not found and i can't find the package for it. I tried using autorandr but haven't seen any changes. Will see if I can force xrandr to grab the screen and change the protocal
I need to change configuration of the external display as well. For now the phone runs the default Manjaro OS, the ‘Displays’ app (Gnome’s main interface to configure various aspect of the desktop) is installed (v 3.36.3-3), but it is not available in the Settings.

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