A plea
In my experience, breaking stuff is a regular part of software development, and checking to see that your new code didn't break something takes a lot of time. I kind of agree that the distro developers should at least check that something boots before releasing it to the public, but I do think that you have unrealistic expectations if you expect the developers who are volunteers to spend hours testing before they release something.

At the end of the day, breaking stuff is just part of the process of improving the software. I think the best approach is to get involved with one of the distros and argue that there needs to be a waiting period before public release. More importantly, volunteer to be one of the people that tests the prereleases.

Complaining about it on this forum is like whistling into the wind. I suspect that the volunteer developers would tell you that their time is better spent writing code rather than testing their code to see what it has broken, but they would welcome your help if you volunteer to be a tester.

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