I have the TS100, is it possible to use your tips on the TS100 or is it not recommended?

To use your pinecil with a PD / QC charger, do you need a special PD / QC cable or it has nothing to do with it, and all cables are compatible?

For PD technology, I see that there are several versions, but 20V / 5A is PD 3.0?

Thank you
The Pinecil uses TS-100 compatible tips. You should be able to use them, even the store mentions it

So did I miss out on the first batch? I've been checking for this thing regularly, but I find it this morning says "sold out". Also saw an article or two online. Is there a way to get notifications from the store so I can jump on new gear early?

Oh, crap, I see it was announced on discord. That's what I get for having health issues when something is released.
it doesn't get happy
it doesn't get sad
it just runs programs

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