(06-02-2016, 04:39 PM)nagmier Wrote: First off, when was the last official release that didn't depend on longsleep? last I checked he isn't on Pine Payroll... and if he were the I don't use it so fix it yourself attitude wouldn't be acceptable, being that he isn't Its perfectly fine as I said none of this is HIS responsibility... these were items I wouldn't have ordered had I known they wouldn't work with other OSs, I have a Wifi/BT and an LCD Touchpanel... the 1... count 1 image I can use hasn't been updated as recently as the others and has broken BT in it... so I therefore have to chose BT or touchscreen... kinda defeats the point of a tablet if I can't connect to it via BT IMO as I use a BT Keyboard a lot... so the items sold to me via backerkit ( WiFi/BT and Touchscreen were added via backerkit ) are not compatible as it stands and according to what I've seen unless I decide to learn Linux Kernel building and developing I'm SOL as again we see no communication from the so call Pine team... Sorry forum mods and guys in the community I applaud your efforts but there is some fundamental lack of support from Pine what have they been doing since the project was funded? I mean the engineering teams? there has been very little communication from that side of the house since KS closed... These are potentially fatal flaws!

What have they been doing?  <sarcasm>That's a stumper, for sure.</sarcasm>

Lighten up Francis.  Your hyperbole doesn't advance your cause. Unless you just want to whine and troll, then I suppose you're doing well. Everything will work, just maybe not this week.  And if it doesn't, that's what can happen with a Kickstarter project.

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