Opinions wanted : "Best out of the Box" OS at this time
Not perfect,  but I do talk to one of my sons,  twice a day for 30 to 40 minutes at a time,  he says he can hear me fine,  and I can hear him fine also.

My son only complained of an echo when I was using speaker phone,  but he was also on his speaker phone,  so that could have amplified the problem.

I do talk also to other family members,  just a whole lot with that one in particular.    I typically send and receive 20 to 50+ sms texts in a day.

When I call out to the bank or to merchants they have not complained.

That is using my Brave Heart phone, running Mobian nightly Oct. 05 release on an sd card.

I do also have 3 Post Market Convergence phones, and one Manjaro Convergence phone,  running various operating systems from sd cards.
Some of those have satisfactory results, but somewhat inconsistent,   as I do keep trying the most recent releases on those.
I have posted some of those results in other threads on the forum,  Mobian seems to give me the best results,  Arch would be my second pick at this time.
And Manjaro is sometimes usable,   a distant 3rd.

Carriers, the Brave Heart is running directly from AT&T prepaid,  one of the PMOS phones is using a T-Mobile NVMO (Simple Mobile) with weak results,
the rest are on various AT&T NVMO's (Pure Talk, TracFone) with pretty good carrier services.

Your results,  can,  and do  definitely vary,  it appears not just the operating system matters, but the carrier can make or break you also.

   I noticed the current Arch release runs better on my Post Market phone than it does on my Manjaro phone... hmm  ?
      (One of their developers said it  "should run the same on both phones".)
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