Opinions wanted : "Best out of the Box" OS at this time
(11-05-2020, 01:48 PM)amindfv Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 02:17 PM)bcnaz Wrote: For Me :

The sms text on Mobian has been working for a long time.

Yeah,  recently I need to fiddle with the sound settings to use voice calling.

What fiddling did you do to get voice calling to work? It used to work for me but now isn't anymore.

Also count me as another person whose SMS works 100% of the time (although I need to use jmms to clear my queue of MMS messages so SMS doesn't get clogged).

I toggle the switches in the sound settings, from phone to default, then back to phone.
 Although that has not been necessary on my Brave Heart recently, it just works now.  That phone is still using Mobian 
Nightly October o5 release.
**  I use Modem Manager to clear the MMS messages.
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