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M.2 SSD Adapter
I've attached a poll, please reply if you have a PineTab!

Given the previous community update suggesting the next batch of PineTabs will probably be shipped in December, is there any possibility of getting a jump start on purchasing the SSD upgrade adapter? From what was said by Luke, it sounded like they were basically ready to go in the original PineTab shipping but it was just a case of finishing it off.

Pros (that I can think of):

1. More people to test that it works correctly before the next batch. I imagine some people may even want to experiment with attaching other devices too (in theory, M.2 offers some PCI lanes too).

2. The community can get a head start on testing the compatibility of different M.2 SSDs to smooth over non-early-adopters that might expect a more streamlined experience.

3. It has become clear that there is some nack to opening the device up without breaking the display - I imagine it would also be good to have a community article & video describing this process.

Cons (that I can think of):

1. Smaller number of purchases increases manufacturing costs for a small batch. I think some people (myself included) would be willing to pay a bit more for the lower run and it would make sense to have something being manufactured in this time gap between runs. Also it could be a pre-order deal to prevent having to store stock.

FYI: The poll is just to help Pine gauge if there is interest. Bare in mind also that not everybody uses the forum, and some people who say they are interested might not be later.

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