Left-handed feature
Male and female straps provided with Pinetime can be put on up or down side of watch case. It is interesting that Pinetime is aware of left-handed people exist, allowing them to wear the watch on the right hand and with the push button fairly accesible.

Firmware developers... What about pinetime display up-down orientation?

I suggest an interface option to select "Wear on right/left" causing display to rotate 180º.

Pinetime rivals do that  Wink

[Image: qeQt0ha.png]

Reading the ST7789 datasheet (page 124), MADCTL register could manage this feature ("Normal" and "X-mirror + Y-mirror"):

[Image: VriIVbu.png]
I took a quick look at this.

If it were possible for left handed mode could be handled entirely in the display hardware then for something like wasp-os a user could request left-handed mode simply by adding a couple of lines to main.py and copying it to the watch.

Anyhow I was able to trigger the X and Y mirroring but given the VRAM is 240x320 the result is that the "left handed" GUI is drawn a little off the screen. I tried using the scrolling hardware to correct this but that also brings problems. Specifically I didn't manage to get the scroll frame positioned correctly to draw the whole UI and there were some rather annoying flickering artefacts when turning the display on and off. To be honest the flickering artefacts were the killer here ... I think a left-handed mode would be better implemented by repositioning the picture in software to avoid having to deploy the scroll h/ware.

I'm not planning to pursue further at this point but if you end up liking wasp-os I'd be happy to offer encouragement if you want to take a crack at things yourself!

PS As it happens I personally think that PineTime has the button on the wrong side and is already in left-handed mode... but that's another story.
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