Lets create the PineCom
Just stumbled on this when looking to achieve something similar. I think there's definitely a gap in the market for something that can function as a roaming network/VPN bridge, with basic services like DNS.

My wish list:
  • LTE; either built-in like Pinephone or mPCIe+SIM slot like PCEngines APU
  • Wifi: dual-mode capable. must be able to function as AP and client simultaneously. m2 or built-in OK.
  • External antenna connectors for all of above
  • 2xEthernet port (min 1000+100)
  • PCIe OR USB3.0 exposed
  • CPU: RK3399 seems about right if it can handle the above (big cores can be offlined for power saving, 6 cores is great for handling throughput)
  • Some support for more  reliable storage than SD (SATA or m2)
  • Runnable on battery
  • Some form of video out

Maybe this can all be made into a Quartz64 carrier board?

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