Correct setup for u-boot and fstab ? Device not booting
What is working....?

eMMC is working, I don't use SD-Cards (sorry)
HDMI Video is working
HDMI Audio is not working
Ethernet is working
WiFi is working for an hour then just stops, despite iwd showing an active connection, so I think that the actual module might be broken
Bluetooth is a big pain in the butt as the Kernel is unable to load the drivers 9 out of 10 boots, which makes me believe that the actual module is broken
(WiFi/BT needs firmware-realtek which is in the non-free repo)
USB3 is not working and not recognised on a hardware level
Analog Audio I have not tested and won't be as I don't need Audio for my use case
Suspend is not working because of missing SPC Blob in u-boot

And this is with the dtb file roel released in January on his SourceForge.

I updated the local copy of my write-up already and will update github probably tomorrow so that everybody has all information required to get a full working Debian.

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