Shipment cost
Hi all,

Although I understand the cost of shipment for main hardware pieces like the Pinebook Pro or the Pinephone, I really don't think is correct to have to pay 12 USD for a TPU case for the pinephone (that costs 9.99USD). Have you ever considered to offer a cheaper option (even if maybe slower) to ship those accessories? I have just bought a Pinephone, and unfortunately it's not possible to combine shipping, so I have to spend 27USD for the phone + 12USD for the case, a bit too much in the second case. I would accept even a non tracked option for these kind of items, if that put the price down considerably.

I'm from Australia
Yeah I'm totally bewildered by this. I read constant references of upgrading from Standard Shipping to DHL, and on the Pine Store Shipping Policy page it lists EMS as a standard shipping option for Australia yet I've never seen any option other than DHL.
I have complained about the parts shipping costs also in the past.

Though for a new Pine phone, I do think the $25 USD for DHL is actually a very good deal. !

But, to buy a $5 or $10 dollar part and have to pay $12 shipping does seem quite high.

Since I do have a growing pile of the Pine64 products I try to buy multiple items when I do buy parts from the store. But they have limits on many of the items, I can only purchase one back cover per order.

Every order I have received is packed very well,  So...

Possibly we should ask ourselves, how much would that same part cost if it was for
  an iphone or a Google phone.?
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