Hypnos v0.1.0-rc1 released
I'm happy to announce Hypnos version 0.1.0-rc1, which is a free PineTime firmware compatible with the (coming) factory-installed bootloader.

The Hypnos project aims to
  1. produce a functional, user-friendly, energy efficient firmware for the PineTime smartwatch
  2. distribute all the software, fonts, graphics and documentation under free licenses
  3. work closely with the PineTime community and its myriad of development efforts
  4. do things the "Zephyr way" and to upstream any improvements
  5. keep the code base clean and the build process free of warnings.

At the time of writing, this firmware can show the time and date, battery and Bluetooth status as well as version information. When connected to a "companion app" over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) it can also synchronize time and date and receive firmware upgrades, downgrades and be restarted remotely over the Simple Management Protocol. This means that you can switch between not only different versions of Hypnos but also from and to InfiniTime without using an SWD programmer.

Please try out the latest release and post your experience in this thread. Feedback from the community is very welcome to fix bugs and get ideas for new features. To install it from inside InfiniTime, use the pinetime-hypnos-0.1.0-rc1-mcuboot-app-dfu.zip package. If you want to keep using it after a reboot, use the mcumgr command-line tool to set the new image as confirmed. For more information, see the project's README and wiki.
Version 0.1.0 has now been released.
(09-16-2020, 04:09 AM)endian-albin Wrote: Version 0.1.0 has now been released.

Thanks Smile

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