Pinephone with Google Fi SIM
(05-01-2021, 03:27 PM)Bonesdog Wrote:
(01-03-2021, 01:25 PM)rocket2nfinity Wrote:
(01-03-2021, 08:50 AM)jrun4 Wrote: The OP mentioned a google fi  "data only sim" ..  I currently have a couple pixel phones for my wife and i..   on google Fi..   so we have the sim cards that relate to google fi's network that bounce from  tmobile/sprint/us cell  networks.   Will that sim card provide us with the ability to text/mms/call and have data with the Pinephone?
Yes. But, you will only get T-mobile service, no sprint, no US Cellular.  However, on latest Manjaro Phosh and Mobian calls, sms text, and data work. MMS is still a work in progress.

Today I have in the top right "Google Fi" but cannot make calls,
How do I activate the service?

So, the way I did it, was to have a phone with the fi app activate it, and just swap the sim to the pinephone. but have not been successful to activate the sim without that app. I even called in and they all say to use the app.

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