Can't get internet connection
(05-20-2016, 05:06 AM)Luke Wrote:
(05-20-2016, 04:47 AM)galbez Wrote: hey,
just got my 512MB Pine64 with the native wifi module.
 installed debian as described on the newbies guide, the boot was successful.
 then connected it to my TV - just 1ft from the Wifi router, and of course managed to connect to my home WIFI network, with 75% reception.
all worked fine so far.
then started up iceweasel, but it didn't even manage to load Google - "server not found". 

are there any other internet/wifi configurations I need to be aware of? as I said its within the range of the network and authenticated to it.
also tried to connect with the Ethernet cable but it didnt recognize the network. well at least not automatically...

what should i do? 

thank you in advance.

hmmm... there are a few things. Open terminal please and type /sbin/ifconfig paste what it prints here.
I am on IRC for the next 4hrs - quicker to troubleshoot this sort of issue.

so i tried every possible static ip configuartion but i still cant get to any website. tried these configs both on my androidAP and my regular house's Wifi router.
any other idea what's wrong? should I format the microSD card and install Debian again? is there any other release suitable for 512MB DDR board?

thanks again...

nevermind folks...

managed to find this great thread which has the solution:

just type in the terminal:
sudo ifdown eth0

that kills the Ethernet connection (if not used) and lets the Wifi to work properly.

thanks for the help on the IRC  Big Grin

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