AV call with Matrix
I have just reached Concept Proof state with AV streaming (calling) console client via Gstreamer with Matrix signaling. It works in both directions Pine to Pine and Pine to Element (web client). The SW better fit SXMO project philosophy. While streaming AV with other client on another PC it consumes on PP only around 35% of CPU.
For those who is interested details follow.
Monitoring part is based on matrixcli. Unfortunatly, author still didn't reply to my patch. Until then my fork could be used https://git.sr.ht/~fedon/matrixcli. It provides chatting functionality as well. For placing and accepting calls https://git.sr.ht/~fedon/gst-matrix. Python3 is required. Gstreamer with plugins could be installed form standard (PostmarketOS) repositories. It seems gstreamer-1.16.2-r2 has all required fixes. For desktop you better compile from Git 1.17.2.
Unfortunately, there is a glitch in Gstreamer which cause random hang during the first second of streaming. Patience is needed Wink

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