Suggestions for PINE Store improvements
Hello all,

We'll be looking at redesigning the PINE Store in the coming weeks. We'd appreciate feedback and suggestions on what improvements you'd like to see.

You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Some simple categories would be handy, maybe divided into product pages with associated spares/accesssories listed below with small thumbnails or just text links to reduce scrolling, eg I would expect to goto a pinephone section to find a replacement back cover.
The main items usually do have descriptions,  but the pieces and parts could also use at least brief descriptions.

Separate pages for each of the category of products would make the search process much more pleasant. 

Maybe a "status" of when the item or part will be again available if it is not currently 'in stock'.

Thanks for asking,  BC
Highest priority (to me): availability status. I'd like to know *before* putting it in my cart if it's not available at all.

And like the others said, categories.

Also, I don't know if the desktop site is different; maybe this is a consequence of the mobile layout: I find the ways to go from the main page to item descriptions and adding items to cart confusing. I expect to end up at either a detail page or a different image, when I click on an image.
Like I said before, I would prefer that you make all of the prices round numbers, $200 instead of $199.99.

"Psychological pricing" is an insult to the customer's intelligence.
I would like to see some links to customers reviews.
An order status page would be handy. Somewhere that can show the status of any outstanding and past orders.
(07-15-2020, 11:00 AM)nyxxenator Wrote: An order status page would be handy. Somewhere that can show the status of any outstanding and past orders.
I second that suggestion
An order status page would be awesome. It doesn't even have to be specific to my order, but have a link, or provide updates, to what is currently happening to get the product to me, without having to find the information on forums. Email alerts would be good too.

Rounded pricing would be great, as it's so much nicer to deal with, and shows the company isn't trying to make things appear cheaper (when your customers already know your pricing is great).

Separate pages or filters for products would be good.

A description of when one product/part is interchangeable between other Pine64 products will help. It'll be great to know compatibility so you know that if you buy that product in the future (or already have it) you're not doubling up.

Stock information beside the product list would be good so you immediately know if it's out of stock.

Please remove the 'add to cart' feature when clicking on the photo. The amount of times I've added products to cart, when I only wanted to view the product by clicking on the picture, is too many. Most websites require you to click the picture to follow the link, so it's force of habit on the store as well.

Maybe a product list might work better than a gallery view (or option to switch between), so then you can have a photo, description, price, stock level, and add to cart all on one line without it looking too cluttered.

Also future order status. I know the information is out there, but having a projected date for future order availability right on the product page would be handy.

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