I'm soon to receive my PinePhone, very excited about it.
Want to run Deb on the device, but can not find any information if it supports FDE. Can someone confirm if this is / or isn't possible?

Is there any list available of what works and what is still under development for the distro?

FDE is currently not supported. I'm sure it will be supported at some point, but afaik it's currently not on the agenda
(as there are still lots of other things to do).

For a list of what works have a look in the wiki
Thank you for the reply devrtz
(07-14-2020, 02:53 PM)GloriousCoffee Wrote: Thank you for the reply devrtz
Just for the record. One of the difficulties in implementing this is that you need to show a keyboard to enter your password before unencrypting the disk. So it needs to be included in the initial image, and that is not trivial. I remember that postmarketOS has something like this working, so I am sure mobian will get there too. Let them work out other essential kinks first (like working phone calls that actually wake up the phone reliably and mobile data), we all want our disks encrypted (at least I want it :-))
You should actually be able to set up FDE with postmarketOS and then just copy over the files from Mobian. You will miss out on kernel updates, though and they're currently coming in fast.

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