Testing and Donating
Hi Everyone,

I received my new Pinephone yesterday and was very impressed with the build quality.  despite watching the videos, I was really expecting something more brick-like and not the nice form factor it arrived in.  The OS experience is pretty similar to what I had seen in the videos.  Its very early days and needs some work.

This is where my questions come in.  I'm not very good at coding so can't really be of use there.  However, is there any testing that I could be doing that would help the project?  I get that it's not ready as a daily driver but I want to help this succeed and want to know how I can help out.

Second questions is around donating.  I know that Ubports has a donations page and I plan on doing something there.  Is there something similar for Pine64?

Thank you!

From what I can tell, you can do either of these:

Check out https://ubports.com/join-us to see where you could lend your skills.

Post issues you run into to https://gitlab.com/ubports/community-por...e/-/issues and they will be reviewed by the community.

Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with UBPorts but I'm also actively seeking out how I can contribute.
Thank you. Between the join-us page and their gitlab page that was exactly what I wanted.

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