USB Networking (SSH)
I have Mobian installed, updated, and running. I have pinephone-devtools installed, openssh-server installed and enabled, running.

How do I get Windows 10 to recognize the usb connection as network? I can get tethering mode to work with android phones, so my Windows setup is ready to see it.

Try googlize : g_ether windows 10
Or g_multi windows 10
I remember there's something special with windows.
And don't remember if the optional rndis is in the kernel.
I will check this tomorrow but don't have a Windows 10 to try.

confirmed :

CONFIG_USB_G_MULTI_RNDIS is not in the kernel config file

You should build/try/confirm and open a merge request
How To is here :

At least just open an issue
I'll open an issue on the tracker.

I won't be set up with a build environment for a bit - I've just moved to a new house and haven't even set up my home PC yet, so I'm more like a helper monkey at this point.

Thank you very much!
No problem with that.
Issue/bug report is also a good way.

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