Signal Instability
Hi Everyone,
Since yesterday I am a proud owner of the PP Ubuntu CE. I must say I was surprised at the snappyness of the UI. Of course there was the occasional hiccups, like applications crashing or not working (Dekko 2), but I am fully aware that the Software side is very much WIP.

My biggest issue I have so far is that my Carrier signal seems to be VERY unstable. I get a connection to the network, but loose it after a few seconds. I managed to send some SMS, so in theory everything seems to work, however as the connection is down for at least some minutes or until toggle "flightmode" the phone is pretty much unusable as a phone (SMS, Calling - havent gotten to place a call in those few seconds). Is anyone else having issues with this or has any pointers as to how to debug this?

OS build number: 2020-06-09 (build #44)
Carrier: AldiTalk
Country: Germany

Edit: I just tried a different carrier/sim. Network seems pretty stable now. I got calls and text messages working afaik. So might be carrier related?
Also having this problem with O2 in Germany, but I don't know if it's just because of a weak signal in general (my Nokia is also just barely getting a signal at my home, but no complete connection loss there) or if it's related to the PinePhone. I was once in the city with it and no connection to O2 there also, so it's maybe a PinePhone and O2 problem. Telekom seems to work fine.
I have the same issue (Tracphone AT&T and Verizon SIMs). I put Mobian on an SD card and it keeps the cell signal.
I have the same issue on my UT CE. I have used a Tracfone SIM for AT&T and Verizon. I loaded Mobian on an SD card and have no issues with the Cell system dropping out.
Is there a table somewhere to indicate OS vs Carrier functionality?

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