How many mA are the max for PineA64+?
Hi, I was asking my self, (but I think I have the answer), how much current in mA is the max supported by a PineA64+ board, I will plug a hard drive(2,5") in USB port, I´m using wireless module, and runing Pihole and NextCloud services.

I have 2 DC sources that provides 5v/4400mA and other 5v/3000mA, so I would like not burn it , any advice?

My answer is supplied by table 5.6 in (



I guess 5v/3000mA is enoug, but can I use the 4400mA source?

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How many mA are the max for PineA64+? - by razgriz - 04-21-2020, 04:13 AM

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