COVID-19 help: Donating masks to you local community on your behalf
In the USA, there is a group that helps support all of the first responders that are called or deployed to any given event or disaster.  That group is called 'Community Emergency Response Team' or more commonly as CERT.  The group that I belong to, Parker County, Texas, within the past two weeks has asked the group members that are able to sew to make similar masks for the first responders and for hospital workers.  Yes, the general organization of the CERT program identifies it as being a part of a United States agency, the funding is not assured for any item not an absolute necessity.  If it would be possible, could this group be granted some of the masks that you are planning to donate?  If this group meets the requirements you establish, a donation of these masks could be very beneficial to all of the emergency workers in Parker County Texas. 
Thank you,
James Good

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RE: COVID-19 help: Donating masks to you local community on your behalf - by James Good - 04-15-2020, 09:49 AM

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