This is how you flash to eMMC easily
Hello everyone,

We now have a utility to flash eMMC. Many thanks go out to @MartijnBraam @Danct12 and others who contributed to making this happen.

Here's how it works:
1) download the Jumpdrive image
2) flash the Jumpdrive image to a SD card
3) boot from the SD card
4) connect the PinePhone to your computer using USB-A -> USB-C cable.
5) flash the exposed (mounted) PinePhone drive with a chosen OS image as you'd flash any SD card
6) once the flashing process is complete, disconnect the PinePhone from your PC, power it down and remove the Jumpdrive SD card
7) boot into your OS of choice on eMMC

Download Jumpdrive

[Image: 59Jb0pS.jpg]
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