Getting Started: Maemo Leste - Devuan / Debian distro for your PinePhone
Did you know Maemo Leste is Debian for your PinePhone? For real! Big Grin  It is Devuan with the arm64 architecture running on stretch. They will soon be upgrading to buster and supporting both Debian and Devuan simultaneously. They use automation in their package maintenance with jenkins (similar to debian's buildd) to ease porting and updates. Porting packages to Maemo Leste is basically a simple matter of porting to arm64 version of Debian, which benefits both projects. So you will pretty much have all the benefits of the Debian repository, especially as the project matures. In addition to the main repositories, there is a community repository (so, like AUR).

There have been a few parallel attempts to port Debian to the ARM architecture, Maemo being the longest running. Currently, the project for porting Debian to arm and arm64 is unmaintained. You might be wondering, why hasn't this been done sooner? Simply put, everyone has been relying on the Android kernel, so benefits are not making it back to Linux. However, there are a few more projects for Debian on ARM (mainly ARM64) including PureOS, Dragonbox Pyra, Armbian, and Debian + phosh, so that's about to change rapidly.

Most discussion about Maemo occurs on their website and platforms, go here for an updated list of links. There is an ongoing thread about Maemo Leste for the Pinephone.

With volunteers we can easily test and get it to a stable condition on the PinePhone, so I compiled some useful links:

Repository of PinePhone images to play with:

Build your own image:



Development and Porting:

Vote for Maemo Leste to be added to distrowatch

If any corrections or updates are needed, let me know
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