Pinebook Pro Open Arena Tournament (Saturday /Sunday fun anyone?)
We were able to compile OpenArena with the help of martijn's APKBUILD for aarch64 PinebookPro.

Download the pkg file from Here.

Install the pkg.
sudo pacman -U openarena-0.8.8-0-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

Copy Game Date to Home Local directory, So you don't have to run with sudo. Thanks to morrolinux
sudo cp -rf /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/ ~/.local/share/OpenArena/

Run game using this command.

If it have issue with permission then just update the permission
sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/games/openarena/openarena.aarch64

Let me know if there is any issue. Also this will only work with Panfrost Driver. 
If you're on fbturbo then you will have to switch to Panfrost, Please follow this link on how to switch to Panfrost on PBP.

[How To] Enable Hardware Acceleration on Panfrost and Lima devices
Manjaro ARM Team.
Devices: Pinebook Pro & PinePhone.

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