[26/09/2019] /e/ on pinebook, lineage derivative
I work with /e/ and over the last months I've been working on porting the pinebook to /e/

I'm publishing a first really early version of the OS you can try on your pinebook.



12-09-2019 https://ecloud.global/s/PPcRrgxYdd2trso

Source repository:


This was tested on a pinebook 1080p

As for ayufan build, you can change it to batch 1 or 2, and you can try it on other devices

Please tell me which issues you encounter

one that I already know are screen flickering on the pinebook 1080p
you can "fix" it (not a real fix) by enabling the "disable HW layer" in dev options

Camera has bad colors

Installation guide

With a linux computer

Extract the gz archive

insert a microsd of at least 8gB


sudo fdisk -l

Try to find your micro sd

should be something like /dev/sdX
be sure you've found the right device, next step will remove everything on it


sudo dd if=extacted-file-path of=/dev/sdX

replace X wil the letter you've found in previous step

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