Booting from USB3 while USB2 devices are connected
Hi all,

I've got the v2 board and basically trying to do what the title says.
I installed U-Boot version "1065-g95f6152134" following ayufan's instructions.

- Booting with only USB3 rootfs attached ✅WORKS
- Booting with only USB2 rootfs attached ✅WORKS
- Booting with USB2 rootfs and all other USB ports occupied with non-bootable drives ✅WORKS
- Booting with USB3 rootfs and USB2 ports occupied: FAILS

What I tried so far:
  • Downgrading U-Boot.
  • Testing with 2 different drives.
  • Testing with two different operating systems: Arch (mainline kernel v.5.2.11 and latest uboot from official repo), ayufan's Debian Buster minimal v0.9.14-1159.
Background details:
I've had this board since it launched and been running from MicroSD & Debian.
System has always been slow and recently I identified the cause being the slow on-board reader. 
On board: ~20MB/s read | ~8MB/s write
MicroSD USB3 Adapter: 120MB/s read | 35MB/s write
Using Lexar x1000 UHS-II MicroSD.
I've had this experience with 3 different (slower, but still capable) MicroSD cards.

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