Using external harddrives with pine?
Quick update here. I got my powered USB hub yesterday (same one that skybadiver did) and plugged it in. I tried also setting it up like skybadiver, so the Pine and HDD are both powered via the hub. Unfortunately, couldn't handle running both, as when I tried to access my HDD, board would die. Possibly is the USB cable I was running to the Pine, I don't know. So for now, I'm back to having to use 2 power supplies, one for Pine, one for the hub. But this way does work and I can use my HDD.

I did find that I could buy a different power supply for the hub from the same company (Sabrent). The hub comes with a 5V, 2.5A wall wart, but they also sell one at 4A. This would probably be enough, along with a shorter 20AWG USB cable for the Pine, to power both with no issues. I'll hold off for now though. Having already bought a $10 PSU for the Pine, and then the $17 powered hub, I don't want to buy another PSU at $13. It's just starting to add up for my "cheap" computer. Maybe in the future, but for now, i can deal with having 2 power supplies.
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