sysbench memory test
  I made some memory tests with rockpro64 and rock64. Here are the results :

The command is the following

taskset -c 0 sysbench --memory-oper=read --memory-block-size=1M --memory-total-size=20G --threads=1 memory run

I used taskset to select a specific CPU
The command is ran 18 times and the rate is averaged.

Rockpro64 :
 for CPU 4 and 5 : 5315 Mib/s
 for CPU 0-3 : 1548 Mib/s

Rock64 :
 for CPU 0-4 : 2114 MiB/s
What I found strange is that the results are rather better for rock64 f  (A53 cores) eventhough rockpro64 RAM is LPDDR4.

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