Basic questions about what to expect upon powerup
So, maybe that's kinda noob'ish, but I can't find basic information about what is supposed to happen when I plug the USB power cable...

1. Is the red led meant to to be red all the time, or is it meant to flash or turn green?
2. Ist the red led simply a "power on" indicator?
3. Given 2. is true, when plugging the USB cable, is the system meant to start up or do I have to shorten the power pins?
4. Or does the constant red glow indicate an error of some kind, i.e. weak power supply?

5. When no microsd is inserted, is there a splash or start screen supposed to come up via HDMI?
6. Is there supposed to be an install screen when a microsd is inserted, given that it contains a valid image?

7. I'm using Windows 7, but PhoenixCard 3.10 has no button descriptions - anybody ever had this? I am using the download provided on the wiki and tried to change language-codes within the .ini file to no avail, then burnt an image "blindly" by looking at a screenshot of PhoenixCard 3.10.

Thanks for any advice! And maybe some admin could move this thread to the newbie-section? Didn't see it... Bummer.

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Basic questions about what to expect upon powerup - by bkodenkt - 04-21-2016, 11:35 AM

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