Rock64 Stereo Audio DAC add-on board
Hi folks! Total newbie here. Got 2 Rock64. One with 4g, the other, 1g. Then I got the stereo audio DAC board. Been having a fairly good time messing around with the Rock64s, but, I cannot seem to find ANY information regarding the DAC board. And since I am a TOTAL newbie, what the heck is a DAC and PLEASE don't start spewing all of those three  or four letter acronyms describing what it is, what it has, or what it does. All that is just wasted on me.
Just please just tell me what I can do with it. Currently I have it stuck on top of the 1g board (properly on the right pins) just waiting for it to do whatever it is that it does. There is just no documentation, that I have found, that actually delves into how to use it. If there is anyone "out there" who can point  me the right direction, I will be grateful. Thank you all for this forum. 

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Rock64 Stereo Audio DAC add-on board - by Hukmut - 02-04-2019, 09:09 PM

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