Android for 1080p Pinebook?
I hope this isn't thread hijacking, as my question is relevant to the OP. The poster looking to port Lineage OS got me thinking about this.

I seems to be the trend that with a 1080P Pinebook, anyone interested in running an Android build is stuck with the image of stock Marshmallow. None of the previous builds, such as @ayufan's 7.1 or Bliss OS, will boot properly. Or at least boot to a black screen. I've seen the issues mentioned several times, and a few have alluded to there being a known reason, but no one expands on the subject. I tried going through the commit notes of ayufan's 7.1 build after finding this mentioned in an issue, but I quickly lost my place and couldn't find what they referenced.

I'm genuinely curious what  changes, apart from the IPS panel, were made between the 2 versions of the Pinebook that prevent these Android builds from booting correctly on the 1080P PBs. While I'm unlikely to resolve the issue, I feel like the information could be important to anyone that is interested (like the port of Lineage OS.)

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