I hated it to type sudo everytime for the simple, so I did some shell-voodoo to get the needed values from /sys without uid=0.
I was always interested in the gpu-temperature, too and with rockpro64 the frequency and governor of the A53/A72 cores. So I pimped the script further and got the attached one.
It should work on rock64 and 4.1x.x, too, but I have not tested it yet. Can some good soul can me give feedback on this?

Works like this:
CPU count      : 6  
CPU 0-3
 freq         : 600.00 MHz
 gov          : ondemand  
CPU 4-5
 freq         : 408.00 MHz
 gov          : ondemand  
SOC Temp       : 26.88 C
GPU Temp       : 27.50 C


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