Sharing first impressions as new owner
Progress so far.
I have received premium aluminium casing, serial console, emmc module and RS-15-5 psu.

As for the casing, there is a space between chips, cooling pad and heat pipe, therefor cooling is not working by default. I have added extra 0.5-1 mm spacers beneath board mountings for heat pipe to touch cooling pad correctly. Temperature is about 56'C when playing hd h265 iptv streams whole day and 46'C at iddle.

I have tried connecting serial console and it's working great. It looks like most of the kernel panics are random so I suspect they are caused by faulty dc connection.

I have added rubber band between hdmi cable and power connector of original psu to bend the connector and get more stable dc connection.
It looks promising, uptime is almost 4 days without crash so far.

I have tested LibreElec 8.90.006 too, but playback was choppy so I decided to stick back with 8.90.005 for now.

I am postponing RS-15-5 psu test for now, as the rubber band solution is working fine.

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