Supported speed of sdcard?
I have a U3 rated micro-SD on which I have installed arch linux running on a Pine64+ 2GB model.

I have run a test and even though the card is rated to up to 95MB/s read speed and minimum rated write speed of 30MB/s I get constantly get read write rates of ranging only 10 to 15 MB/s (having done some testing with

dd if=/dev/mmblk0p2 of=/dev/null bs=2M count=1000 &

Is there any documentation which speed the mmc/sdcard is connected to the A64 of the Pine64+

Can those discouragingly slow speeds be confirmed, or is only my setup so sluggish.

PS: is there any alternative on the Pine64+ for a faster persistant memory storage (something like a emmc, sata, via GPIO bitbanging?)

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