I purchased one of the first pre production Rock64 pro boards.  It has the following marking:-

Rockpro64_V2 2018-4-11

Searching the wiki and the forum, I can find NO collected information on what changes have occurred and need to be implemented to bring the module up to production revision.


1) What is the revision of the modules that are being shipped in the current second batch?

2) Do the modules in the second batch include ALL the fixes for the known defects?  (see below)

3) Why does the wiki not include a list of essential modifications and instructions to perform them?

( The reason I ask is I see that there has been discussion about the removal of a SMD resistor to enable the  NVMe Card interface to power
up, however the Sata card still does not appear to work, IS this a "fix" or not?  I do not want to risk destroying up my board for no gain! )

4)  WHY is there no wiki  information giving a detailed UPDATED REGULARLY list of revision levels, modifications and working / not working status?  The Rock64 pro section of the wiki has  only had two minor updates since the Rock Pro wiki page was created in April:-

Quote:14 June 2018
 m   00:28 
ROCKPro64 Main Page‎ (diff | hist) . . (+120)‎ . . Pfeerick (Talk | contribs) (Added AP6356 wifi datasheet)
(Upload log) . . Pfeerick (Talk | contribs) uploaded File:AP6356 datasheet V1.0 07252014.pdf ‎(AMPAK AP6356 used in ROCKPro64 2×2 MIMO Dual Band WIFI 802.11AC/BLUETOOTH 4.1 MODULE
10 June 2018
ROCK64 Software Release‎ (diff | hist) . . (+161)‎ . . Pfeerick (Talk | contribs) (‎LibreElec)

Though this board looks neat and  well designed, it appears all effort by Pine has ceased at that point.   It seems to be a very unprofessional approach that there is no apparent rev control on this project!

PLEASE do not suggest I read the Rock64 IRC channel, that is not an accurate source of information... and it is very transient.  I have not got the time to pore through it to glean nuggets of info... It should all be on a dynamic wiki. A "one stop" shop!



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