Status PCIe slot and the SATA interface card
I have been looking for benchmark results of disks connected through the SATA interface card and the PCIe slot, but haven't seen anything so far. As a matter of fact, I have not seen any news about a working PCIe SATA interface card at all. What I have come across is a solution for a working PCIe NVMe card, but only after removing a resistor. Bullet64 reported the following:
Bullet64 Wrote: Yes, i have remove the resistor on preproduction rockpro64!!!! Please take care, that is not without danger!

My resistor has removed a specialist.

After this on NVMe Card the red LED is ON Smile And the NVMe card works.

On the SATA-Card is an white(?) LED. But this LED isn't ON. So maybe wrong pcie-regulator ???

His solution is working for the NVMe card, but not for the SATA card and this applies to a pre-production board. I have no intention to removing resistors so my questions are the following:

1) Can someone confirm that the PCIe SATA board is working without the need to remove resistors?
2) Is the board that is currently (6/12/2018) available for sale still a pre-production board or are there modifications applied (such as differences in resistors)?

Depending on the answers and status of the board I will either order one or still wait a bit for a future revision.

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